The fresh voice of an experienced educator.

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“I’m honored to have received the votes of over 1,800 residents of Moon & Crescent Townships, and I look forward to serving you as the new member of Moon Area School District’s team of School Directors.”

Jen won on both the Democratic and Republican primary ballots on May 21, 2019. She will appear on the Nov. 5 general election ballot. There are 5 School Board seats up for election, and 5 people appearing on November’s ballot. And even though she is technically unopposed, Jen is working to earn your vote, your confidence, and your trust.

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Accessible & Responsive

Jen is the kind of person who will go anywhere and talk to anyone. She wants to answer your question, listen to your concern, and investigate your complaint. She also loves to hear your compliments about the district too.


Jen has pledged not to take any perks from companies that conduct business with the district. She also will not take on Moon Area families as clients in her college counseling business. She believes every one of us is entitled to competent, non-currupt governance, and she’ll be an example of such.


Jen’s life, academic study, and professional conduct embodies her commitment to inclusivity and fosters intellectual inquiry that drives personal growth and development. What does that mean? She’s here for all of us. She will never sit back and consider a job done. She is always asking “is everyone’s voice being heard, are their needs taken care of , and how can we do this better?”

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Jen’s Background

From teacher’s kid to educational consultant.

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Jen’s Qualifications

Jen’s professional & volunteer experiences.


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